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A busy grill is a Tasty grill. Meet chef Shane, he is the man / chef   behind Shane got his humble beginnings in Quincy MA, washing dishes at breakfast restaurants at age 15 , and cooking in a retirement home. He studied culinary arts at his local high school, and After high school shane continued to cook in local restaurants, and then at the ripe age of 20 went to  culinary college in the beautiful state of Vermont and studied culinary arts at a highly respected culinary school named NECI ( New England Culinary Institute ) to continue his training.

After completing culinary school, shane went on to work in some of the finest restaurants Boston has to offer, he spent time in top hotels in the banquet kitchen, he made fresh pasta on opening night at a new Italian restaurant, and spent time working in a high-end steak house. Shane has over 15 years of professional cooking experience but do to knee injury’s shane had to step away from the kitchen.

Currently shane is a farther of  two, and cooks for his family daily, and teaches them the secrets to great cooking. During his time away from professional kitchens Shane noticed a big problem In today’s society People these days  are not cooking any more.

Thus Shane wanted to create a great platform to get people back in the kitchen cooking and living a healthy life style. Shane wants to show you that with a little food knowledge you  can change your life for the better. He wants to show you that cooking is not a chore, it’s a fun way to share with friends and family. Its time to get back in the kitchen !

From My kitchen to  Yours welcome to

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